Purpose of Visit

  • Consulting with business associates

  • Travelling for a scientific, educational, professional, or business convention, or a conference on specific dates

  • Settling an estate

  • Negotiating a contract

  • Participating in short-term training




Purpose of Visit

  • Have a holiday in Portugal

  • Tour various cities in Portugal

  • Visit friends or family.

  • Participate in social events hosted by various organisations.

  • Visit for medical treatment.

  • Participate in events or contests related to music or sports, for which you will not receive payment.

  • Enrol in short study courses for which you will not receive credit (ex. cooking classes).


A Complete Guide to your Portugal Visa Application 


  1. Know Your Portugal Visa: This step involves researching and determining what type of Portugal visa is required for your purpose of travel. This information can be found on our website.

  2. Apply Online: Once the necessary Portugal visa has been identified, travellers can complete the Portugal Visa application on our platform. This may involve filling out a form with personal and travel information and paying any applicable fees.

  1. Expert Verification: After the Portugal Visa application is submitted, it will be reviewed by an expert from our team. This may involve verifying the accuracy and completeness of the information provided, as well as checking for any errors or omissions. & Subsequently, the customer is assisted through the corrections if any.

  2. Submit: Once the Portugal Visa application has been reviewed and verified by an expert, it can be submitted for processing. The processing time will vary depending on the type of visa and the destination, but travellers can track the status of their application in real-time through our platform.

  1. Biometrics: Travellers will be required to provide biometric data as part of the application process. This may involve providing fingerprints and a photograph, which will be used to verify identity and assist with security checks. We will schedule your biometric data and inform you of the documents you must carry along.



          * Original passport issued within 10 years

          * Valid for 6 months beyond the last intended date of departure
          * Should contain at least 2 blank visa pages

          * Should have no alteration or handwritten amendments in the data pages


*Two recent coloured passport-size photographs 

* Dimension of 4 cm width by 6 cm height & without border

* Must be taken within the last 6 months

* 50% – 69% of each image’s total height should comprise the applicant’s face


* Official invitation from the inviting company mentioning the purpose of the visit/inviting along with a business covering letter for business purpose.

*Invitation letter from invitee along with passport and visa copy if visiting friends and relatives.


*If the sponsor is in India- If the applicant is sponsored by other than the inviting/employer organization, an original Notarized Sponsorship Letter is required on Rs. 100 Stamp Paper with the sponsor’s Govt. ID (Passport copy- preferred by the Consulate) which should be notarized. 

*If the Sponsor is not in India- The Sponsorship Letter should be Notarized/Attested by a Notary/Advocate if in the E.U. or from the respective Portugal Consulate/Embassy in other countries. 

Note: The Sponsor person should introduce himself/herself and provide complete passport details, introduce the traveler/applicant and mention complete passport details and about the complete stay in Portugal


*Employed applicants must produce bank statements proving sufficient funds & Employment

* If self-employed then their company’s bank statement is required

*If being sponsored then provide your sponsor’s bank statement

* All applicants must provide 6 month’s bank statement signed & attested by a bank official

* All bank statements must be dated within the last week of application & be verifiable


* Income tax return assessment for the last 3 years in case the applicant is employed

* If self-employed then provide the company’s last 3 years of ITR

*If being sponsored provide the income tax return of the person sponsoring your trip


* NOC from Employer (if employed) along with ID card copy / Business card

* NOC from School / Institute along with Xerox of ID card (in case of student/minor)


a) Letter on company letterhead specifying the period he/she has been working with them.
b) Lease agreement (letter from the company, if accommodation is provided by the company).
c) Electricity Bill, Telephone Bill, and Gas Bills


a) Salary slips for the last six months



  • Flight Ticket

  • Application Form

  • Proof of Accommodation: hotel reservation/letter of tour organizer

  • Personal Cover Letter (For Employed – Plain paper/ For Self-Employed – Letterhead)

  • Marriage certificate if spouse’s name is not included in the passport

  • GST or Company registration copy for business professionals 

  • Overseas travel medical insurance that is valid for all Schengen countries and covers the entire duration of the Schengen trip, minimum coverage for medical expenses:EUR 30,000

  •  Foreign nationals residing in India must submit valid permit to return to India.



  • Portugal Visa application fees along with the service charge are non-refundable when approved or rejected

  • Fees may vary due to currency rate fluctuations

  • Additional documents may be required & must be submitted promptly & as quickly as possible

  • Portugal Visa application approval/rejection and processing time are all under the sole discretion of the immigration office & no-one else

  • Portugal Visas issued under visit/business/transit/tourist purposes are not eligible to work in Portugal.

  • Applicant could be asked for additional documents or may be required for a Personal Interview if desired by The Consulate General of Portugal, Goa.

  • Kindly carry all your Official ORIGINAL DOCUMENTS + Copy at the time of submission at VFS Global


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