a. STP functions as an intermediary for visa processing, responsible for presenting the visa application on behalf of the applicant but not for determining the approval or denial of the User's visa in any way. The sole responsibility of granting the visa rests with the concerned Embassy. STP is not involved in the decision-making process, nor does it bear any responsibility for any delays or the approval or rejection of any applicant's visa application by the Embassy. The Embassy retains the right to ask for additional documentation and deny the visa application. The approval or rejection of the visa application is influenced by various factors such as the User's provided information, current or previous nationality, visa application location, place of residence, gender, age, profession, recent travel history, and religion.

b. It should be noted that the services provided by STP cannot be interpreted or perceived as Visa advisory or consultancy services, as it functions only according to the User's instructions. STP is not accountable for any visa application outcomes arising from the submission of incorrect information or errors made by the applicant. The User acknowledges that it is their sole responsibility to comprehend the Visa requirements necessary for their intended travel to the destination country/countries.

c. STP shall not be held responsible for any consequences arising from the submission of counterfeit/fraudulent/forged/fabricated documents by the User, as it is explicitly stated that the service provider does not endorse or recommend the provision of such documents.

d. STP retains the authority to revoke a user’s registration and erase their personal information under certain conditions. Such circumstances may arise if the registrant fails to meet eligibility criteria and is, therefore, deemed unsuitable to complete the online or offline application process, provides misleading or deceptive personal information, or engages in any illegal activities. Additionally, if the registrant ignores, modifies, removes, or omits any portion or section of the mandatory registration procedure, their registration and personal information may be subject to cancellation and deletion.

e. STP serves solely to inform the User of the prerequisites necessary to apply for a particular visa, gather the documentation submitted by the User, and present such documentation to the relevant embassy or high commission. These visa application requirements, which include but are not limited to documentation, fees, and time frames, are provided by STP based on the information supplied by the relevant embassy or high commission. STP does not provide guidance on the validity, comprehensiveness, or appropriateness of the provided documentation.

f. STP assumes no responsibility in the event that the applicant's visa application is rejected or delayed due to circumstances beyond its reasonable control. If the Government of the country to which the visa is applied declines the applicant's visa application, the applicant agrees that neither the Embassy nor STP are required to offer an explanation. STP may provide information on the typical processing time for a visa application by the relevant embassy or high commission. However, it is the User's responsibility to contact STP in a timely manner to submit a visa application to guarantee the receipt of the visa before the departure date. The processing time for visas requiring appointments at the Consulate/Embassy begins upon the scheduled appointment.

g. Each country has varying passport and visa requisites. While STP may provide information about such requirements and will make best efforts to ensure that its User(s) are updated, there may be instances where the requisite information is not made available to STP, as a result of which STP may not be able to provide the same to its customers. In such cases, STP will not be held responsible for any inaccuracy in such information. STP will not be held responsible for any costs incurred due to a delay in the visa process due to circumstances outside of our control.

h. At its sole discretion, the relevant consulate, embassy, or high commission may request a face-to-face interview with the User. STP has no involvement in this process. STP will, however, notify the User of the date, time, and any other conditions communicated by the concerned Embassy or High Commission for the interview.

i. STP may engage third-party vendors for visa application procedures in various countries. Such third-party vendors will be responsible for submitting customers' visa applications for the respective countries they have been engaged for. When submitting visa applications that necessitate the submission of passports, STP will take all necessary precautions to ensure that the passport is delivered securely to the User. However, STP cannot be held liable if the passport is lost during transit or if the logistics service provider misplaces it.

j. STP cannot be held liable for any delays or refusals of visa issuance by any consulate, embassy, or authorities for any reason whatsoever. STP also cannot be held responsible for any incidental costs or expenses incurred by the User in connection with such delays or refusals. Furthermore, even if a visa is issued, the User may be denied entry in certain situations, as the final decision on entry rests with the local immigration authorities.

k. If an immigration authority has set a deadline for the submission of documents to a visa application, it is solely up to STP to decide whether to address the matter, and STP shall not be held responsible for any resulting delay.


a. In order to facilitate the visa application process, by engaging STP, the User gives authorization to STP to file the necessary visa application with the concerned embassy and pay the visa fees and any other charges on their behalf.

b. The User agrees to provide all necessary documents for the visa application process to STP without delay. The User also confirms that the documents submitted are authentic and that the information provided to STP is accurate and truthful. STP will not be held responsible for verifying the authenticity of the documents or information provided by the User.

c. The User must furnish accurate and complete information to STP to enable the latter to apply for the visa on their behalf. This information may include the User's name, contact details, holiday destination, and any other information deemed necessary by STP to process the visa application.

d. Upon returning the passport and documents to the User, it is the sole responsibility of the User to verify that all necessary visas have been obtained and that the information provided therein is accurate and consistent with their travel itinerary. The User must also verify their personal information as indicated on the issued visa. STP shall not be held liable for any discrepancies or errors in the visa obtained by the User.

e. If the User's visa application is rejected, and they want to reapply or appeal the decision, STP will only proceed based on the User's specific instructions. The User will be responsible for paying the necessary fees for the reapplication or appeal process, as well as the service fees charged by STP. STP will not initiate any reapplication of a visa application unless specifically requested by the User. Any reapplication or appeal shall be considered a fresh transaction.

f. There may be instances where the third-party vendor engaged by STP might refuse to submit the User's visa application after evaluating the documents submitted by the User. This is likely to happen only if the vendor believes that the User's application is at a substantial risk of being rejected. In such cases, if the vendor requests for additional documents, the User will be informed accordingly and the application will be submitted only after the submission of such additional documents and their verification.

g. STP shall not be held responsible for any problems arising from visa requirements, which may include the User's inability to travel or use the booking. STP shall not be obligated to reimburse any amount to the User for any reason, such as the User's failure to obtain a visa or being denied a visa, regardless of whether the User used STP's services for visa processing. Any refunds shall be in accordance with the terms of the applicable booking and cancellation policy.

h. The User shall bear full responsibility for the payment of any penalty charges arising from overstaying in the country or any other penalties imposed for offenses committed within the country, in strict accordance with the instructions and regulations stipulated by the relevant authorities of the said country. It is explicitly declared that the service provider (STP) shall not assume any liability whatsoever with respect to such penalties or offenses.


a. STP shall levy a service fee on the User for submitting the visa application to the relevant embassy. This service fee is separate from the visa fees, embassy charges, and any other fees imposed by the embassy. The User shall pay this service fee to STP at the time of engaging STP for visa-related services. STP shall not be liable to refund the service fees for any reason whatsoever, including if the User chooses not to submit the visa application or if the visa application is rejected.

b. Apart from the service fees mentioned above, any expenses incurred by STP for logistical services, such as document pickup, passport collection, courier charges, etc., or any other additional costs beyond the regular scope of STP's services shall be separately payable by the User to STP.

c. The visa fee is subject to potential fluctuations due to variations in the exchange rate when making payments in currencies other than the Indian Rupee (INR).

d. STP is not accountable for any modifications made by embassies or government authorities to embassy fees, taxes, and other charges that are not within STP's control and for which there is no prior notification. Furthermore, such fees, taxes, and other charges are not refundable after the visa application has been submitted to the embassy concerned. This policy is in accordance with the guidelines of the respective embassy, and STP has no control over it.

e. The refund of visa fee is subject to the sole discretion of the embassy responsible for visa processing. Each embassy may have different refund policies, procedures and processing periods. The applicant understands and agrees that the refund of visa fee is contingent upon the embassy’s assessment of the visa application, compliance with their refund policies, and any other relevant factors determined by the embassy. Therefore, STP does not guarantee the refund of any visa fee.

f. Upon receipt of the refunded fees by STP from the embassy, it is hereby stipulated that STP shall require a minimum period of 15 to 20 working days for verification and processing of the refund.  STP shall not be held liable for any delays, denials, or discrepancies in the refund process, as it is solely dependent on the embassy’s decision.

g. STP shall not be responsible for any costs, damages, losses, or liabilities arising from the denial or delay in refund of the visa fee, regardless of the reasons for such denial or delay.