Poland 90 Days MULTIPLE Business Visa

Fee & Additional Information for Poland Visa

Business Visa
Entry Type
Processing Time
18 Working Days
Stay Duration
90 Days
Visa Validity
Up to 6 Months
Do It Yourself
₹ 9440.0
(Inclusive of service fee + tax)
Our service fee ₹ 1200
₹ 10384.0
(Inclusive of service fee + tax)
Our service fee ₹ 2000
Documents Required

What you’ll need for a successful visa application


Flight & Hotel Bookings Without An Actual Purchase

StampThePassport provides you with verifiable, round-trip and multi-city flight bookings and hotel reservations - without you having to commit to an actual purchase. You can use these temporary bookings to apply for your visa - and save money by only paying an affordable service fee.

 *Note: This ticket and hotel reservation is not recognized by airlines or hotels as a valid form of travel documentation and is a placeholder. A physical or electronic ticket/reservation must be actually purchased in order to board the flight or check in at the hotel.

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