Meghna Misra
Last Updated 21 Jun 2023
US Makes ‘Huge Push’ To Process Visa Applications Ahead Of PM Modi’s Visit

The US Department of State is making a “huge push” to process as many visa applications as possible in India, according to official spokesperson Matthew Miller. The mission aims to make the process of visa applications smooth and expedient, a key aspect of bolstering the vital bilateral relationship between the two nations.

Speaking at a press briefing last Thursday, Miller highlighted that these efforts were a “top priority” for the US government. This initiative underpins the understanding that “there is more that can be done,” and the government is pulling all stops to ensure that it delivers on this front.

With PM Narendra Modi’s upcoming visit to the US just around the corner, Miller was asked about the expectations regarding diplomacy, immigration, and visa issues. “Our consular teams have been making a huge push to process as many visa applications as possible in India,” he said, adding that he didn’t want to preempt any announcements related to PM Modi’s visit.

Miller also underscored the significant partnership between the US and India, describing it as one of the “most consequential relationships.” The spokesperson emphasised that the two nations have a shared commitment to addressing the most vital priorities.

The spotlight is on PM Modi’s US visit from June 21-24, where he will be hosted by US President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden. The state dinner at the White House promises to further cement ties between the two nations.

The move towards expediting visa applications comes in the backdrop of an increasing number of Indian students seeking educational opportunities in the United States. As US Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti noted, more Indian students come to the United States than students from any other country.

Garcetti emphasised the impressive statistic that “one out of every five US students’ visa was issued here in India in 2022.” With such robust figures and a shared commitment to opening up educational opportunities, the relationship between the US and India in the field of higher education looks poised for continued growth and partnership.

He concluded on an inspiring note, stating, “Indians have not only pursued an education in the United States but for decades have shown their excellence in the United States and we are on track to process the highest number of visa applications in our history.”

The US government’s commitment to expedite visa applications is indeed a promising step. With PM Modi’s visit around the corner, it seems clear that the partnership between these two nations is set to reach new heights, particularly in the domain of education.