Meghna Misra
Last Updated 12 Sep 2023
India's Rise: Second Largest Source Market for US Inbound Visitors

In recent times, India has gained prominence not only as a popular travel destination but also as a key source market for inbound visitors to the United States. In this article, StampThePassport, an online visa agency, explores this remarkable trend in the realm of international travel.

Introduction: India's Ascendance

In a world of ever-expanding horizons, India has emerged as a captivating presence. The bustling streets of Delhi, the tranquil backwaters of Kerala, and the iconic Taj Mahal - have long lured tourists from around the globe. Yet, India's role in the global tourism landscape has transcended traditional boundaries. It now stands as the second-largest overseas source market for visitors to the United States.

The Data Speaks: India's Soaring Outbound Travel

Interpreting the Numbers

A closer look at the statistics reveals the surge in Indian outbound travellers. Recent data positions India as the second-largest contributor of tourists to the United States, following only China. In the year 2019, prior to the disruption caused by the global pandemic, India accounted for an impressive 1.47 million visitors to the US.


Factors Driving the Phenomenon

Multiple factors contribute to this phenomenon:

1. Thriving Middle-Class

India's burgeoning middle class now possesses greater disposable income, enabling them to explore international destinations, including the United States.

2. Enhanced Travel Accessibility

Improved air connectivity, affordable airfares, and simplified visa procedures have made the United States more accessible to Indian travellers.

3. Educational and Business Prospects

The United States remains a preferred choice for Indian students pursuing higher education and professionals attending conferences and business events.

StampThePassport: Simplifying US Travel

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The Future of US-India Travel

As India's economy continues its upward trajectory and more Indians, including Mumbaikars, embrace the allure of global exploration, the future of US-India travel, with a spotlight on Mumbai, appears promising. The United States can anticipate an even larger influx of Indian tourists, with a substantial number hailing from Mumbai, in the years to come.

This growing partnership between India and the United States is not only a boon for tourism but also for cultural exchange, business collaborations, and strengthening diplomatic ties. As travellers from India, especially Mumbai, explore the diverse landscapes and experiences that the United States offers, the bonds between these two nations are set to deepen further.


US Visa Processing, Document Requirements, and Fees

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In an age where travel knows no boundaries, India's ascent as the second-largest source market for inbound US visitors is both remarkable and significant. It underscores the changing dynamics of global tourism and the evolving preferences of Indian travellers.