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Last Updated 19 Dec 2023
World's most precious and last wild frontiers: Kimberley, Australia

In the far northwest of Australia, there's a place called the Kimberley, a landmass three times the size of England yet the population is less than 40,000 people. This is where untamed wilderness reigns supreme, offering a spectacle of nature's grandeur - a realm of abundant wildlife, majestic canyons, refreshing swimming spots, and remote outback stations. It's an adventurer's dream, boasting one of Australia's most captivating 4WD (four-wheel drive) road trips.

Best Time to Visit Kimberley

The Kimberley region shines brightest in winter, promising clear blue skies, ideal conditions, and bustling towns. Yet, visiting in summer unveils a different magic: vibrant waterfalls, thriving wildlife, and the added perk of fewer tourists. Keep in mind, though, that certain tour operators might shut down during the summer months, so it's wise to check for availability.

Peak season: Winter (June to August)

Low season: Summer (December to February)

Unmissable miss: The annual humpback whale migration (June to November)

Some common Aussie slang:

"G'day" - Hello or hi.

"Mate" - Friend or buddy.

"Arvo" - Afternoon.

"Barbie" - Barbecue.

"Aussie" - Australian.

"Brekkie" - Breakfast.

"Chockers" - Full or crowded.

"Cuppa" - Cup of tea or coffee.

"Fair dinkum" - Genuine or true.

"Good on ya" - Well done or congratulations.

"Maccas" - McDonald's.

"Sheila" - Woman or girl.

"Strewth" - Expression of surprise or shock.

"Ripper" - Excellent or fantastic.

"Bloke" - Man or guy.

These slangs are quite common in Australian conversations and add a unique flair to the language!

Travel Logistics: Getting to the Kimberley

Apply for your Australia Tourist Visa conveniently through StampThePassport's online portal. Flying into the Kimberley is the quickest and easiest way to travel. The two main airports are:

  • Broome Airport (BME), is located less than 1km (0.6mi) from the centre of Broome.
  • East Kimberley regional airport, also known as Kununurra airport (KNX), located 3km (2mi) from Kununurra’s town centre.

Both airports service domestic flights from Perth and Darwin all year round, with Brisbane and Sydney offering direct flights during the dry season (April to September). If you are looking for an adventure, there are plenty of great road trips leading to and throughout the region.

Plan your trip to Kimberley:

Destinations You Must Visit In Kimberley

Buccaneer Archipelago

This mesmerising spot boasts around 1,000 islands rising from a stunning blue ocean. Buccaneer Explorer offers scenic flights, while Kimberley Quest II offers a luxurious four-day cruise equipped with an onboard spa and a speedboat to explore the remote places.

Located in Western Australia's Buccaneer Archipelago, accessible by boat or scenic flights from Broome or Derby.

Horizontal Falls

It’s a natural wonder where tons of water rush through mountain gaps, creating thrilling rapids. Experience it from above on a scenic flight or on the surface with an adrenaline-pumping jet boat ride through the falls.

Situated in Talbot Bay within the Kimberley region, accessible via tours departing from Broome or Derby.

Bungle Bungle Range

These incredible tiger-striped rock formations, known as the Bungle Bungles, are part of the 360-million-year-old Bungle Bungle Range in Purnululu National Park. Explore them on foot or from the air for a unique perspective.

Found within Purnululu National Park in the Kimberley region, accessible by road from Kununurra or via scenic flights from various locations.

Boab Trees

These trees, with their unique shapes and sizes, are a fascinating part of Kimberley. You can spot them along the Gibb River Road, around Broome’s Cable Beach Club Resort and Spa, or in Kununurra.

Spread throughout the Kimberley region, especially along the Gibb River Road, Cable Beach in Broome, around Kununurra, and Derby's main street.

Chamberlain Gorge

At El Questro Wilderness Park, witness the striking red rock formations along Chamberlain Gorge during a guided boat cruise, offering a captivating experience amid the outback's beauty.

Located within El Questro Wilderness Park in the East Kimberley, accessible via El Questro's guided tours.

Rock Art Galleries

Kimberley houses ancient rock art, some of the world’s oldest. Take a customised cruise with Ocean Dream Charters to explore these fascinating rock art galleries depicting Aboriginal dreamtime stories.

Spread across various locations in the Kimberley region, including Doubtful Bay, Mitchell Falls, and Vansittart Bay, often accessible via customised cruises from Broome.

Dampier Peninsula

This area north of Broome boasts ochre cliffs, serene beaches, and an opportunity to connect with Aboriginal culture. Visit Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm to learn from the Bardi Jawi people, enjoy cultural tours, and experience pearling activities.

 North of Broome, this peninsula features areas like Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm and other Aboriginal communities, accessible by road from Broome or by tours from the region.


These places offer a diverse range of experiences, from thrilling adventures to cultural immersion, making Kimberley a truly captivating destination

Things you can do in Kimberley

Fly over the strange Bungle Bungles: In Purnululu National Park, see the Bungle Bungles, special rock formations shaped like beehives. A cool way to see them is by flying over in a plane. They're super old – made over 350 million years ago!

See a super cool waterfall: The Horizontal Falls are awesome! They're like big water gaps. You can get close on a fast boat or even see them from above in a plane.

Find dino footprints: Kimberley is full of cool stuff. Off Broome's coast, there are old rocks made by dinosaurs ages ago. Check out the dinosaur footprints on a guided tour.

Discover nature's secrets: Nature fans, listen up! In Broome, go on Narlijia’s Mangrove tour. You'll hear cool stories, see Aussie animals, and cruise through cool rock pools with a guide.

Ride a camel on the beach: Sunset beach trips just got cooler! In Broome, ride a camel on Cable Beach. It's awesome for checking out the blue water and red rocks.

Cruise the Kimberley coast: Waterfalls, ancient art, wildlife, and beaches – Kimberley has it all! Go on a cruise and dive into this nature-lovers paradise.

Drive the Gibb River Road: The Gibb River Road is epic! It's a massive road trip with stunning sights. Feel the adventure as you explore the Kimberley wilderness.

Or do the Gibb in style: For a posh adventure, try the Spirit of the Gibb tour. You’ll explore the wild during the day and chill in luxury at night.

Chill at a fancy place: Stay at El Questro Homestead – it’s stunning! Nestled in Kimberley’s beauty, it’s perfect for exploring the region.

Learn about pearl history: Pearls made Broome famous! Check out Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm to learn about this cool history and maybe grab some pearls.

Admire the King George Falls: The King George Falls are huge waterfalls. Cruise through the King River Gorge to get close. The view is breathtaking!

Visit a remote brewery: You can’t miss Matso’s in Broome – it’s a super remote brewery! They serve funky beers and yummy food. It’s an adventure in itself!

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Exploring the Kimberley is an adventure of a lifetime, inviting you to witness nature's splendour and cultural heritage. From the captivating Buccaneer Archipelago to the ancient Bungle Bungle Range, each destination tells a unique tale.

Before embarking on this journey, ensure to apply for your Australia Tourist Visa through StampThePassport's convenient online platform. Then, immerse yourself in Kimberley's wonders – from the exhilarating Horizontal Falls to the serene beauty of Boab Trees – a land where contrasts weave a rich tapestry of experiences.