Top 5 hotels to stay during your trip to the USA


Have you been dreaming about some adventurous road trips, pristine beaches, amazing wildlife, and effervescent city life lately? Do you find yourself dreaming about relaxing by the Hawaiian shores? Well then, it’s high time to respond to the traveller’s soul inside you, craving to break free of the regular drudgery of life. However, you just cannot pack your bags and leave, until you have decided where you are going to camp. It means that selecting the best lodging is an integral part of your vacation, and you need to shortlist the must-haves that you simply cannot do without. It could be the skylines, a next-door pub, or a fine dining restaurant right next to your hotel. Depending on the nature of the holiday you have in your mind, which could either be spending days in the countryside or amidst the lively bustling city life of the USA, here are some of the best hotels you could opt for on your next visit to one of the most enthrallingly beautiful countries in the world.


Mandarin Oriental New York

This hotel is in a prime location in the middle of the city, so you get to see the skyscrapers and the luminous skyline from the top floor of your hotel. You can view the famous Central Park, and the Hudson River nearby, and enjoy the view of the glistening skyline all at the same time from your hotel. The Mandarin Oriental claims to have highly luxurious suits and rooms, which are a perfect assortment of comfort and luxury, and to go with that, an additional touch of sophistication, which will cater to your rich taste perfectly. If you want to head out for an hour of relaxing spa, the Mandarin Oriental offers one of the best spa experiences in the entire Manhattan.


Little Palm Island, Florida Keys

Are you more of a beach person, who loves the idea of holidaying around a handful of trees, with a bright sun above to get tanned under, and the blue ocean spread before your eyes? Well, then Little Palm Island is the right choice for you to book a luxurious hotel experience on your visit to the US. Not only is Little Palm Island one of the best beach resorts in the entire continent, but also holds the second position amongst the best beach resorts in the US. If you really hate the overcrowded city and want to spend some quality time by yourself to enjoy the bliss of solitude for a while then Little Palm Island can offer you the best private island experience in the US. You can take a boat or a seaplane to reach the resort, which has some Bahamas-style bungalows with vast stretches of greenery, and paths designed with crushed seashells. If you do not like any kind of annoying calls or messages or simply want to spend a few gadget-free days then Little Palm Island is going to be your heaven with only the rustling of the leaves, the sound of the ocean waves, and the chirping of birds to accompany you, devoid of any cell phone or television in the vicinity.


The Beverly Hills Hotel

If you have been planning your trip to the USA for a long time, you must be familiar with the fact that the name Beverly Hills is associated with the rich, affluent, and most luxurious neighbourhood in the entire world. So, if you truly want to be a part of the most glamorous corner of the world at least for a few days, then you have to stay at the Beverly Hills Hotel. This hotel boasts of having Hollywood celebs like Elizabeth Taylor and Audrey Hepburn as their guests in the past. Who knows, you might even get a blink-and-you-miss-it view of some of your favourite celebrities lounging nearby! After all, the Beverly Hills Hotel is like a regular haunt for many Hollywood starlets.


Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas 

Although Las Vegas is mainly famous for its gambling and nightlife, it is also a major resort city in the world. In Waldorf Astoria Las Vegas, you can have your happy space as high as the 47th storey of their tower. You are going to get a full kaleidoscopic view of the entire city including the desert, giving a perfect juxtaposition of both the buzzing city life and the serenity and calmness of the area. They have a spectacular Sky Lobby on the 23rd floor where you can enjoy a few shots at the bar while treating yourself to the gourmet dining spread and enjoying some time just looking out of the floor-to-ceiling windows contemplating the ministrations of the universe.


The Setai, Miami Beach 

Have you ever witnessed the sun going down at the horizon leaving its remnants of colours behind the palm trees? Well, if you haven’t, you must visit the Setai, in Miami Beach, Florida, and you will experience the best sunset of your life. The decor of the Setai is a perfect combination of architectural history and ultra-modern design. If you want a one-stop destination for everything that you want in your vacation like relaxing, enjoying the nightlife, relishing the cuisine as well as shopping to your heart’s content, the Setai is the right choice for you.


With the countless natural attractions and places to visit in the US, there is a plenitude in the number of luxury hotels as well. All you have to do is create a bucket list of the things you want to do on your vacation and the places you want to be, and once you have shortlisted the priorities, you will have a lot of options to avail yourself of. It might be expensive to some extent to stay at such luxurious hotels if you are planning for a long vacation, but what use is of money if you do not splurge it on yourself? After all, self-love is the best form of love and there is no better way to profess that than endowing yourself with a pricey and fancy international vacation.


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