Meghna Misra
Last Updated 20 Jul 2023
10 Must-Visit Places In The USA

The United States of America is the dream country to visit for most. Everything about it is mesmerising as the country features numerous noteworthy and diverse tourist spots. At times, figuring out the best places to travel in this huge country may get intimidating. If you are planning a nice trip to the USA, here are the top 10 must-visit places you cannot afford to miss.

New York City

New York City or NYC is not just the heartthrob of the country but also enjoys terrific attention from all over the world. NYC is one of the most talked about and happening cities in the world. The statue of Liberty and the ravishing cosmopolitan drive of NYC are magnets for international tourists. New York City is different from any other city in the world due to its unique vibes that can only be experienced only when you try to explore it. Go about hopping from one point to another, say from High Lane, Times Square, and Broadway to 5th Avenue, Rockefeller, and more, and at the end of it, you may mistake the place for being paradise on earth. Sightseeing by Broadway, dining at some of the worlds best restaurants, and taking Instagram-worthy photos of the Statue of Liberty, New York City is the other name for glamour. When in the USA, it should be one of the first places to visit.

The Grand Canyon
America is not only about skyscrapers and man-made architecture but is equally famed for its quintessential natural reserves. Grand Canyon is one such destination which has been attracting visitors and nature enthusiasts for a long time. The impenetrable depth and endless Canyon walls will evoke a genuine appreciation for nature’s wonders. You can easily visit the place on a day trip to Las Vegas. Usually, it is better to visit the southern rim of the Canyon because the road to the northern rim is mostly snow-cladded.

Las Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas. Yes, that is true because the environment in Vegas is one-of-its- kind. From scintillating nightlife, parties, and upscale shopping to grand casinos, music and dance, no other part of the world can offer what Vegas can. Welcome to the world’s most extensive entertainment sector. The glittering lights of Vegas, its colossal resort complexes, entertaining pools, pubs, and nightclubs, are fantastic for party freaks. Erupting champagne fountains and beer volcanoes will make your trip worth remembering. What else do you need when you’re looking for some fun during a trip?

Houston is a good student in the class who never gets scolded and is good at studies and games. Ha ha, that’s just a fun way to describe the personality of the place. It is a fantastic place to enjoy a quality family vacation or a retreat with your friends and is well-connected with direct flights from most places across the world. Houston is mainly known as the dining capital of the USA because of the innumerable chains of fine dining restaurants and the perfect destination for a sip of the USA. In a nutshell, this is a place to enjoy a chilled-out USA vacation.

Washington DC
How could we miss the capital when talking of the USA? Home to the White House, Capitol building, and Smithsonian museums, Washington DC has all the valour it takes to be a capital. Refrain from being tricked into presuming that Washington, DC is all about business and politics. With the Cherry blossom festival, beautiful summer vibes, and the most stunning snowfall, Washington is a must for visitors to go.


Want to have fun with your friends during your USA trip? Miami is your ideal destination. It is a fun hotspot and the best beach location in the USA. Located in southern Florida, Miami offers an environment like nowhere else. Being nothing less than a paradise for adventure sports lovers, you must visit this part of the world to enjoy ocean drives and surf at South Beach, while you are here, don’t forget to visit the Everglades National Park.

Los Angeles
Los Angeles is located in Southern California and features a distinguished culture with hints of glamour and glitter. It is the place for Hollywood lovers because your favourite Disney Land is set here. LA is also a heaven for pop culture lovers, thanks to Beverly Hills and Bel Air. The place is a potpourri of cinema culture with all the fun Hollywood movie elements. Visit also La Brea Tar Pits for it is one of the most significant natural reserves of fossil remains of prehistoric animals.

The USA is a holiday destination and one of the world’s largest educational hubs. Most people who migrate to the country for education settle in Chicago on the shores of the mesmerising lake Michigan. Chicago is ideal for a summer vacation and also for luxury shopping. With bravura of artistic and cultural attractions, evident through the Millennium Park, the Art Institute of Chicago, and the Willis Tower Sky Deck, say go to Chicago.

Yellow Stone National Park
Want to capture some dramatic peaks and pristine water bodies? Yellow Stone National Park is the ultimate place. The multi-coloured pools are the best places to enjoy nature; forests, extensive meadows, natural geysers, and rippling streams are perfect for nature enthusiasts. It is reported to be one of the best summer destinations in the USA and also the ideal place for adventure-focused vacations.

San Fransico

The USA is a land of diversity. If you genuinely want to enjoy the concept of unity in diversity in the US, the best place will be San Francisco. It is ideal for exploring the culture of the country. Get a glimpse of the city by exploring the Bays character, soak yourself in the city vibes by enjoying great food from the numerous eateries, partake in some historical walks, and hike through the hills.

The USA is the most prominent and prolific melting pot of a cosmopolitan culture. It is amongst the most progressive countries featuring a motley of traditions and lifestyles, and to be precise, there is much more to the USA than you still have managed to know about. One cannot complete a solid recce of the country in a single trip not just because of its massive size but also because of its abundant offerings to a traveller’s appetite.

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