Upendra Nayak
Last Updated 03 Aug 2023
Shopping Tips While Travelling In The USA

The USA is one of the top global tourist destinations. People across the globe flock to this extravagant cosmopolitan country every year. But, as we all know, trips and vacations are incomplete without shopping. And while discussing a trip to the USA, you must already know that the country is famous for being home to many designer products and luxury labels. So, it is not surprising that you must be considering doing some quality shopping there. Even though a fun experience, it can be really confusing and mind-boggling equally. Here’s some help. Read on to find our easy tips to get you started on the right note!

Make the best use of the sale

The word ‘Sale’ is one of the most common terms you will come across on the streets of the USA. Every supermarket or local shop has a board that speaks of ‘Sales’ at the entrance. As we all know, ‘Thanksgiving’ and ‘Black Friday’ sales are the terms the USA market has popularised globally. The sale season is the most suitable if you are ought to buy plenty of gifts for your kith and kin or if you are planning to pull off a personal shopping haul. ‘Christmas’ sales are by far the most extravagant ones. During these times, you can avail the best quality products at low prices.

Outlet mall shopping

Outlet malls may seem new for tourists who have never been to the USA. These are factory outlets, and this one is also a USA-driven concept that the world has embraced at large. Factory outlets are places selling manufactured products first-hand before they reach the malls or supermarkets, where they go for retailing at high prices. You can easily find products at the factory outlets of top-notch brands at 20% to 40% discounts or perhaps even higher. The top-selling brands also offer considerable discounts at their factory outlets. For people with a tight budget, check out the factory outlets to avail of the best products at reasonable prices.

Shopping tax

It is the least interesting aspect for a lot of people while shopping in any foreign country and most people do not know much about this anyway. You can get plenty of surprises at the checkout counter because every price tag you see on the products is exclusive of taxes. You will be levied an average of 7% tax on each product over and above the price mentioned on the tags. While calculating the price to be paid, remember to include the taxes. Taxes are levied almost on every commodity. Often foreigners, from countries where this isn’t a practice, fail to bear in mind this distinctive feature of shopping in the USA. It is only when they are about to make the final payment that they are reminded of this additional amount of money. The best way is to ask the shop representatives about the taxes before shopping. Also, it is worth remembering that the taxes vary according to the product types; check that out before buying. You should calculate the amount in your home currency for easy and quick calculations.

Shopping for the basics in the USA

Apart from luxury items, if you plan on doing some essential shopping in the USA, there are some retail store line chains that can complement your budget prerequisites; yes, we are talking about ROSS, TJ-MAXX, and Marshalls, to name a few. You will find these retail store lines across the USA housing almost every essential product you may need, including cosmetics, clothes, sports accessories, handbags, electronics, and even home furnishing. They are best to meet your daily needs while in the USA. Surprisingly, they also sell luxury products at lower prices (stock clearance).
For groceries and other essential items, Walmart is the best option. Walmart is the most renowned chain of hypermarkets in the USA. You will find Walmart shops in every neighbourhood in the USA. It is also the second largest chain of hypermarkets in the USA, the first being Target. Being one of the best general stores across the length and breadth of the country, you can be sure to find all your necessities, such as food, clothing, electronics, and whatnot in these stores.

Last season’s left-over collection

To determine how some stores offer such low prices, you must understand the concept of ‘Last year’s left-over collections.’ Stores in the USA sell surplus items in good condition from the bygone year at lower prices to clear them away. TX MAXX is one of the retail chains that is best known for selling the previous year’s unpurchased supplies. You can check out these stores if you are looking for cheaper deals on products of your choice instead of getting similar products from typical stores with burning price tags. Sometimes, the leftover collection designs are similar to the current ones. To get the best from these stores you need to spend some time looking around. Don’t forget to check out the sizes before buying.

What should tourists know about shopping in the USA?

A small piece of information will amaze you if you are a first-time shopper in the USA. There are specific product genres available at cheaper rates in the USA than in European countries. The first on the list is clothing. Several American luxury clothing brands, like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Levi’s, and DKNY, are top sellers in the USA. Premium T-shirts from these brands cost $10 on average in the USA. You can even find their factory outlets in the countryside where the products will cost even lesser. Clothing is cheap in the USA when compared to any European country. Another standard product that most foreigners intend to buy from the USA is electronics. Gadgets are more inexpensive in the USA. For example, you can purchase almost all Apple products at the best prices in the USA.

Final words

For almost every tourist, shopping is one of the essential aspects of a foreign trip. People want to carry back souvenirs that they will cherish throughout their lives. There are very few countries that can quench this thirst and the USA is one of them. The broadest range of products welcomes you to the USA shopping landscape. Happy shopping in the USA!

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