Must explore: Best wineries in the USA


Alexander Fleming, the Scottish bacteriologist, had once said that “penicillin cures but wine makes people happy.” Even Ernest Hemingway once called wine to be the most civilised thing in the world. Well, if you are quite fluent in telling Chardonnay from Merlot, or Cabernet Sauvignon from any other regular wine, you truly have a fetish for wines that you must explore. So, if you are truly in the quest for the happiness Alexander Fleming talked about, you should plan your next vacation to some of the best wineries located in the USA. Not only would the natural beauty and the smell of grapes enrapture you but will get you the chance to taste some of the best wines around, with the opportunity to know about the history of these rich wines throughout the tour.


If you are up for a trip to some of these best wineries to satiate your palate with some silky varieties of wine, you should better add the following places to your US trip plan so that you can be solid about the trip:


Tank Garage Winery in Calistoga, California


If you always select vintage over modern, classy over experimental then you are definitely going to like a trip to the Tank Garage Winery in Calistoga, California. The very first impression of this winery is quite intriguing, especially with its garage and vintage gas station combo look, which will make you feel as though you entered a gas station in the 1930s. The best part about the wines from this winery is that none of them is available for direct sale in either restaurants or stores, and you can get them only when you visit the tank garage and its lubrication centre. They are the self-confessed Napa Valley’s coolest wine testing centres, which will serve you a variety of wines, such as sparkling, Pet Nat, orange wine, rose wine, and red wine. So, when you are all set for a visit to this winery, be ready to spam your Instagram account with selfies you take with the vintage gas pumps behind you while you sip on the silky wine.


Duchman Family Winery, Texas Hill Country Texas


If you still have not found “the wine” that leaves an unforgettable aftertaste on your palate, you might stumble upon it in the Dutchman Family Winery in Texas. With 53 wineries working to produce the best quality of wine, the regulations by the state law of keeping a minimum of 75% Texas-grown fruit content in the wine can assure you of an experience worth remembering during your visit to this winery. Besides, this particular winery is located just beside the Salt Lick, which is one of the most reckoned places for barbecues that you can absorb like a sponge after you are all immersed in liquor.


Croteaux Vineyards in Southhold, New York


If you are a rose lover, this particular winery is a must-visit for you because they specialise in making and serving rose only. They have this outstanding skill of cultivating vinifera grapes from which they brew the rose wine. As far as looks are concerned, vintage wrought iron chairs and a cosy barn to chill with an amazing background of wine bottles from Croteaux are true eye-catchers. If you are planning a trip to get your hands on some of the finest wines from this Southold winery, the best time to go is in the early spring because there will be nothing left for you to purchase after the autumn arrives. For some of the unapologetic rose lovers, this Croteaux wine yard is like a heaven where you just have to be, to spend some time with those beautiful grapevines’ gardens and the rich wine.


Bedrock Wine Co


The Bedrock Wine Co aims to regenerate the 19th and 20th-century vineyards in California, and their key to success is in prioritising the wine yard more than the finished wine. Not only do they treat the vineyards as a place to produce the grapes but also some of the most cherished historical sites more than 100 years old that need to be conserved and protected at all costs. The entire look of the wine yards under California Bedrock Wine Co has this vintage look steeped in history which is worth a tour, especially if you are a great connoisseur of wines.


Robert Mondavi Winery


In the year 2021, Robert Mondavi Winery was voted the best vineyard in the entirety of North America. It doesn’t come as a surprise since Robert Mondavi, the founder, is also the inventor of the Fume Blanc wine. With the legacy of brewing the finest wines, the Robert Mondavi winery wins all the laurels because of the To Kalon Vineyards, which are known to be the sources of the best quality wine for years.


The United States leaves a trail of some of the most enchanting wineries which you must visit if you have that unwavering fondness for different kinds of wines and an eagerness to enjoy the scenic beauty of witnessing the vineyard grow luxuriously at the same time. It doesn’t have to be a planned vacation as such, but there is no harm in killing two birds with one stone, and by this, we mean visiting some historic and most popular wineries of the world and bagging the opportunity to get yourself some of the samples which are enough to keep you all perked up on your return trip to the US. So, if you are in for a long trip to the beautiful and mesmerising beauty of the United States, it’s time to pack your bags and let that wine enthusiast out, which might even fetch you the title of the greatest oenophile of your generation!


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