How to plan a vacation to the US with your kids


Are you planning to go to the USA in the future? Or, did you have a plan in the last few years that could not happen due to the pandemic? 


The pandemic had truly put the kibosh on our travel plans. Thanks to it, your dream never got a chance to materialise. But now as the travel scene has been looking better for some time, you are probably and understandably dying to pack your bags and set yourself free to enjoy a relaxing vacation. But having fallen out of the practice of planning a trip, you might be feeling a little shy or underconfident. Moreover, if you are a parent, your travel plan must be child-proof! Taking a child on a trip can sound like a herculean task, but in reality, it isn’t. It just means that you need to be as aware and sensitive as smart while organising and executing the plan. And with our two bits, you are guaranteed a leg up.


Stay with us, as we explain to you why your dream destination, the United States of America, is still possible. 


Including kid-friendly places in the travel itinerary


Kids usually get unsettled, especially with the attention span of a sparrow they have. That is why it is best to visit some places where they would be the happiest living beings on the earth, and you will be free to take gorgeous Instagrammable pictures for yourself. You may visit the theme parks in the US that are cut out for kids of all ages to enjoy. Amongst these theme parks, the most scenic ones include San Diego Zoo in San Diego, California, the Magic Kingdom, and the Walt Disney World resort in Florida. These can be as adventurous as an educational trip for your child bringing them close to the heart of the wildlife. You could plan a few safari activities, allowing your kids to marvel at the beauty of nature. If you want them to experience marine life, you can plan to go to the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago, Illinois, which will leave your kids gaping at all the dolphins and jellyfish around to behold in awe. The Polar Play Zone is also another good option that will let your kids dress up in penguin costumes, play around, or ride kid-sized submarines.


Clear the bookings in advance


Since you are travelling with your kids, it is better to avoid taking any risk to book the tickets at the last moment because you might not get a comfortable seat or suitable accommodation for your children to feel comfortable and secure. You must ensure a confirmed ticket at least one month before your journey date.


Settle all visa and passport requirements


You surely do not want any delay due to erroneous paperwork, especially, when your irritated kid is crying for your attention at the airport. You must apply for the passport and visa for your child or check out the Electronic System for Travel Authorization (ESTA) provisions to make your child and yourself eligible to visit the United States.


Get an airport transfer


If you are out vacationing in the United States with your kids, it is better to stay away from road trips. That is because your kids might feel uncomfortable or sick or nauseous and start crying in the middle of the road trip, and it may be possible that you won’t be able to pull over to step out to cater to their needs. To avoid such difficult circumstances, it will be better if you book an airport transfer beforehand so that you can avoid roaming around the city with your kids and lots of luggage.


Carry a light luggage


The weather in the United States can be pretty unpredictable at times, and children can fall sick with the slightest change in the weather. This is why if your travel destination has a colder climate, you must pack some extra warm clothes for your kids and yourself so that you don’t chill down to your bones. 


Insurance and emergency medicines


The medical expenses skyrocketing in the United States are no longer a myth, and you don’t want to shell out every penny you have to buy a basic cough syrup or a painkiller. That is why you must visit the paediatrician who usually diagnoses your child and get some prescribed drugs in case your child needs immediate medication for an upset stomach, mild fever, or allergy. As for you, it is imperative for you to carry travel insurance which can cover all the medical expenses you might incur on your trip to the US.


Pick the eateries carefully


You must have always wanted to visit the cafeteria or the ice cream parlours you have seen your friends hanging out at during their trip to the United States. But now that you have a kid to accompany you on your vacation, you have to remember that not all restaurants are 

suitable for your child, especially if the child is a picky eater or allergic to different food items. In this case, you can try places like Bob Evans, Wendy’s, or Applebee’s. At Wendy’s, they never serve frozen food, and the items are also below 750 calories. Even at Applebee’s, a great spread is available for the kids at a pocket-friendly rate of $10 only. And, it’s not just your kid, even you can munch on the Chicken Tenders and Burgers they serve, satiating your sudden pangs of hunger while taking care of your child and enjoying the vacation. At Bob Evans, they have one of the cutest lists of food items only for kids, like the Tic Tac French Toast and the Little Piggy Pancakes. Do check it out too.


As we said above, planning a trip bearing the requirements of your child is not a mammoth task to undertake. True, it takes patience and awareness on your part, but that’s all it takes. Moreover, it is always a good thing to take your child on vacations so that right from their formative years, they can not only get used to travelling and all its attendant challenges, but can also start developing a more receptive mind that is flexible, open, and broad. Travel makes us better humans, and your child can start early with that.


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