How to holiday in the US on a budget?


Hoping to spend a fantastic vacation in the United States this year? You are not alone in yearning for a break from the mundane and looking for an escape to an exotic yet peaceful location in the US. However, in most cases, the trip’s budget becomes a significant concern, pushing our plans further away. Although it is not easy to plan a US trip on a budget, we assure you it is possible. 


Everyone is eager to learn the tricks of planning a US holiday without denting the budget. It is a vast country, and the extensive stretches of the land make it impossible to cover all the places in one go. Since there are so many locations to visit, it will become easier to maintain a budget if you plan. And, if you want to pen down an elaborate yet pocket-friendly trip to the US, you are at the right place. This article aims to provide you with valuable information and necessary tricks to help you cut down on costs while touring the country to your heart’s fill. 


What is the average cost of travel in the US?


Thankfully, the US has various options to suit most people’s varying tastes and budget preferences. Remember, the prices may vary widely across different states. For example, San Francisco or New York will always be more expensive than other parts of the country.


Firstly, you will need a US visa to stay and travel to the country. With respect to the budget, you are looking at a figure between $80 and $350 per person per day. Of course, it will vary depending on the quality of accommodation, food, and other amenities you choose for your vacation. The trip will comprise accommodation, transport, sightseeing, food, and other miscellaneous expenses. 


Let us discuss an account of each section separately so that you get a clear idea of where to save and where to spend. 


Accommodation within budget?


After getting your US visa, you must first look for appropriate accommodation. You will be surprised at the countless options that the country provides for visitors with a tight budget. You will be spoilt with the diversity of options ranging from luxurious and mid-range to pocket-friendly motels. Opting for hostels is an excellent idea for tourists looking for cheap accommodation. It is great for solo travellers as well.


Also, always try to make online bookings before the trip starts to get better deals for your stay. Several websites offer huge pre-booking discounts, which are much more budget-friendly than paying offline. Also, while booking online, do not forget to inquire about their cancellation charges. It is crucial. Always clear any doubt regarding booking to save unforeseeable extra charges. There is no shame in asking. You must also consider alternative options, such as Airbnb apartments, as they are always cheaper. 


What is the right and ideal way to cut down on transportation costs?


You will need a car for long road trips in the US. Although you can get around in trains, buses, or planes, cars are much more cost-efficient, comfortable, and safe, especially if you are travelling with your family.


Car rental prices may vary widely depending on the demand and the time of the year. The most important tip is to avoid hiring a car for city use. Instead, try renting a car on the day you plan to leave the city or return to save some extra bucks.


Another helpful tip will be to take advantage of the weekly rates. Generally, the weekly rental will be far cheaper than renting by the day. There will always be an upsurge in price during peak times, particularly during significant festivals or seasons. If you are on a tight budget, it is best to avoid such occasions as much as possible.


How to save while sightseeing?


Sightseeing is the most exciting part of any tour. The choice of sightseeing may vary depending on the preferences of the traveller. But most are interested in museums, national parks, and other notable tourist attractions.


The most exciting way of saving money is to get a city attraction pass. You will find a couple of companies offering you a city attraction pass to cover most of the famous tourist spots in the city.


You must visit the national parks while you are in the US. If you plan to visit most of them, try investing in some annual passes (currently worth $80), as such alternatives are great value for money. Also, many are unaware of the fact that there are free-entry days in a lot of these sightseeing spots. Search the web to know about these days and get a free entry thereby saving some money.


How to save on food?


Food choices in the USA are mind-boggling as there are too many scrumptiously fantastic options. The United States is known for its extensive food portions. So, it is always better to split meals, and most restaurants will happily allow you to do that. This way, you will neither waste your food nor money. You can always ask the restaurant to pack the leftovers if you order too much food. 


While eating out in some food joints, always look for great deals, for example, happy hours or two-for-one deals. Save some money by skipping the drinks as well as opting for combo meals as much as possible.


If this doesn’t help, and you still want to save more on food, try cooking your food. Living in a rented apartment makes it easier for you to cook your meals to your taste. 


The ultimate money-saving tip 


Travelling as a part of a group is the ultimate money-saving tip for any tourist. This way, you will automatically cut down on high costs. Prices of car rentals, fuel, or accommodation are static. When you travel as a group, you split the costs amongst all the group members. It will go easy on everyone’s pocket. Several places also offer excellent discounts for couples and families. Travelling with a group will help you explore more options within a restricted budget.


We hope this detailed discussion will be able to help you understand that touring and exploring different parts of the US within a limited budget is attainable, and it won’t break the bank. You will need to play smart and plan your steps pragmatically. Do undertake thorough and substantial research before you start finalising your trip itinerary; a structured and pre-planned trip will always cost you less than a random one. 


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