Pooja Chudasama
Last Updated 02 Aug 2023
Going To The USA For The First Time? Here Are Some Essential Tips For You

A first trip to the United States of America might be nerve-wracking for various reasons. This big country has many attractions, including a rich and diverse culture to celebrate. Worldwide tourists flock to the United States to explore its many cultural hotspots and breathtaking natural attractions. The country is home to several beautiful and varied landscapes on earth, including tropical rainforests, white-capped
mountains, enormous deserts, and, of course, its famous national parks. You will have a blast visiting these world-famous landmarks. But before you book your flight, you should know a few things about travelling in the United States of America.

Obtaining Visa to Enter the United States

Your US visa is the first thing you should take care of! Here are the steps you need to be mindful of:

1. Apply online and indicate the visa category you’re interested in (in this case, “Business/Tourist
2. Fill out the Non-immigrant Visa Electronic Application Form (DS-160)
3. Next, complete the online visa payment
4. Finally, set up two appointments on the online platform

  •  The first is a biometrics examination at a Visa Application Center (VAC)
  • The second is an interview at the United States Embassy

You’ll need to bring along some necessary papers to attend any consultation, such as your current and previous passports aside from other additional documents required against your visa type in hard copy at your appointment. Some examples of other important documents may include, recent bank statements, tax returns, proof of property, business ownership-related papers, assets, trip plans, and so on.

A Health and Travel Insurance Plan
Now that we’ve covered the most fundamental piece of advice, it’s crucial to further secure the plan which we can achieve with the perfect health and travel insurance. It is wise of you to invest in getting yourself medical insurance before departing from India for the United States. The fact that healthcare in the US is an expensive proposition is a fact that everyone is aware of today, right? With medical insurance, you will be able to take care of yourself in case you fall sick or need medical assistance during your trip. We all indeed want to let our hair down and travel without worry. But that doesn’t mean we should be reckless. Carefree travel is a must for the most enjoyable time in the United States of America, but peace of mind will only come from knowing that you have travel insurance to address an emergency.

Carefully prepare for your trip
An organised itinerary is a must for a successful trip. The United States of America is a massive country with an abundance of attractions. With proper preparation, you will spend your stay in this country well, and you may not miss out on experiences that any tourist should take advantage of. In case you are travelling in a group, your priorities may differ from those of your travel companions. So, you must tailor
your itinerary to your needs rather than that of the group. Remember this as you make preparations.

Don’t Overstuff Your Bags
To visit most of the United States, you will need to do a lot of city-hopping. That’s the best way to take in all the experiences that the United States offers. Moving from one city to another requires carrying a lot of stuff. Therefore, it is best to pack light and travel. Refrain from giving in to the desire to overpack as in doing so, you will add unnecessary challenges to your trip.

See What the Weather Is Like
The United States of America is a massive country, and its climate varies widely from region to region. Travelling to Texas in May? You may expect to experience some warm weather. The weather in Chicago, on the other hand, is refreshingly cool. Get a feel for the local climate to plan your luggage correctly. Remember, the vast majority of American indoor venues are climate-controlled. Even if it is scorching
outside, you should always have an extra layer on hand to ward off the air-conditioned indoors.

Carefully Study the Local Transport in the Area
Learn the layout of the local subway system and the schedules for public transportation so you can plan logistics accordingly. Consider the time and locations of appointments, the length of the day, and the distance you need to travel while chalking out the plan. Just pretend you’re a local for your trip through the United States.

What is the procedure like in the States for doing that? Reading about a destination beforehand is the most efficient way to prepare for a trip. It could be a breeze or a moderate challenge depending on where you’re headed. The five main boroughs of New York City are all linked by the local subway system. In comparison, Los Angeles has a haphazard public transportation infrastructure. Smart Cards provide convenient and inexpensive access to the Washington, DC subway and bus system. There are apps for navigation and traffic information. You should hire Uber or a chauffeur if you don’t have an international driver’s license.

Never Leave Home Without Any Cash
While the United States may fancy itself a technological leader, it must catch up with several European and South American countries regarding convenient and secure online payment methods. Hence, it is not a surprise that many establishments in more remote areas still only take cash payments. Also, the tip is usually left in cash unless you can add it to your credit card. Credit cards and contactless payments will be accepted in the world’s largest cities. Yet there are still many establishments that only accept cash (for tax purposes).

It’s a good idea to inform your bank ahead of time that you’ll be making purchases with your debit and credit cards in the United States should they freeze your accounts for making what they consider an unauthorized transaction. Visiting the United States of America will undoubtedly add to the best experiences in your life. If you want your first vacation to go smoothly, consider all the above-mentioned points. No matter how often you return, you will never experience the same excitement as your first trip to the United States.


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