Best Scenic Road Trip Routes in the USA

Meghna Misra
Last Updated 03 Aug 2023
Best Driving Routes In The USA

Road trips, a complete rejuvenation package–spending the night at a quiet and calm place, tasting authentic local food, stopping wherever you like especially when it’s a pocket-friendly offer, would you ever give it a miss? Road trips are considered the best option to create memories and immediate experiences as it allows the opportunity to visit every nook and cranny, every small shop and route, making it a joyous and therapeutic experience. If you are in the USA and have not gone on a road trip, you have been really missing something magnificent. Whether you live in the US or are soon to head on a trip to the country, try to take on a road trip. To give you a start, here are a few suggestions from our end for the exciting journey. From the colossal Redwood forests to the swift gulf stream waters and much more than you can imagine, get ready to be amazed when travelling down the road.

A 10-mile drive in California

This 10-mile road runs between Pacific Grove and Carmel through the stunning Del Monte forests. On this fantastic road trip, you cannot miss the harbour seal sightings and the quiet but spectacular sunsets. The route starts from the Joshua Tree National Park which is famed for its uniquely shaped trees. The park is named after Santa Monica. If you like it, you may stay here as it’s famous for its fantastic beach. Art lovers will love to visit the Getty Center, which offers mesmerizing, gorgeous panoramic views of the surrounding city.

Going to the Sun Road in Montana

This road which is over 50 miles long was built across Glacier National Park, and it offers a beauteous but tedious journey due to snow and rain. But it’s worth braving all the obstacles as at the end of the experience, you will get to behold some of the most spectacular views in the Northern Rockies. The scenery where the white peaks of the mountains meet the crisp blue sky will genuinely make you feel calm and healed from within. Although, an important thing to note here is to check this roads status before planning the journey, as it is only open seasonally. But if you turn out to be fortuitous, during the drive, you will come across some impressive and majestic glaciers, beautiful valleys, cascading, waterfalls, towering mountains, and colourful wildflowers greeting your view.

Trail Ridge Road in Colorado

This 48-mile road is built at an elevation of 12,183 feet! The Trail Ridge Road is the longest and most circuitous paved road in North America. There is ample wildlife to enjoy during this driving trip, and you may come across bighorn sheep, elks, and even herds of deer. A bonus for travelling through this road is that you’ll come across the famous Stanley Hotel in Estes Park, which was the inspiration behind Stephen King’s thriller ‘The Shining.’

Point to note: The higher portion of Trail Ridge Road is closed from October to May.

Route 12 in UTAH

Travelling these 122.863 miles of road is pure driving bliss. The surrounding atmosphere envelopes distant lands, the Henry Mountains, Grand Staircase-Escalante, and the shimmering red rock of Capitol Reef National Park. You’ll find yourself pausing often to soak in the charm and beauty of the local western towns, such as Tropic and Boulder that come on the way. If you can stay somewhere close or have plenty of time at hand, you may engage in a short hike on the nearby trails. Though it takes just 3 hours to drive the road, you need to plan for much longer than that to appreciate all this stretch of land offers. This road bridges the Capitol Reef National Park and Bryce Canyon National Park, offering visuals of fascinating stunning red rocks that fall on the way.

Blue Ridge Parkway in North Carolina

If you want another option, go for the Blue Ridge Parkway, which is a 500-mile road that meanders through the region’s vivacious scenes. The route runs through Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Shenandoah National Park, thereby perfectly fitting the bill. The Blue Ridge Parkway is particularly stunning during the fall when the leaves turn their colours, offering you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness. Once you drive there, it will become a regular affair for you to want to travel if you live in the US. There are more than 50 species of birds inhabiting these parts. Also, you can stop by one of the mines in the Appalachian Mountains.

Sea to Sky Highway in British Columbia

This two-hour-long drive has a plethora of luxurious flora and fauna to render you besotted with the surroundings. You will be enchanted by the beauty of the lakes, mountains, and waterfalls in this part of the world. This journey, even if short, has some of the most unforgettable mountain views. So, if you can stop for some excellent clicks, especially if you are into photography, do try out the Sea to Sky Gondola. This road is one of the finest roads in the country.

U.S. 1 in the Florida Keys

Florida’s 120-mile-long island chain, where beaches, bars, and water toys of every kind await to mesmerise a traveller, must be on your list. It will take you through some of the magical coral reef parks across the 7 Mile Bridge, which is one of the longest bridges in the world.
The track begins as you exit Florida City. Here you will have two choices: make a left turn towards the Last Chance Saloon and proceed towards Card Sound Road or stay tuned to enter The Stretch. This 18-mile roadway known as The Stretch is desolate of any business or activity but is dense with scenic beauty.

Vermont Route 100 in Vermont

We are talking about a 200-mile-long paved road that allows you to soak up all of nature’s glory. The Green Mountain National Forest will envelop you as you drive through its winding route, leading you to step into the beautiful valleys. By the way, here you will also find some delicious street food as you drive down a captivating road. So, do step out of your car once or twice to satiate your heart further.

There are many beautiful driving routes in the USA. It’s hard to list down all for there are so many to cover. But it is true that people who love long drives or simply enjoy nature, consider driving through the US routes once, especially if they live here. It’s worth the time taken, and the effort put in. Just to add a final one to the list, do check out the Pacific Coast Highway in California, which is a 500-mile drive. It’s hard to list the most scenic drives in North America and not include this iconic road. But beware, it’s perilous equally and cellular network tends to ebb away. But you get to see incredible waves developing and crashing against the rocks and surfers hitting the water for adventurous rides. It cannot be missed.

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